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Fly King Transportation Co. Limited is a Hong Kong based company with extensive experience and innovative ideas in logistics, and was incorporated in year 1989. With our well-developed network and ancillary facilities in both Hong Kong and China, we aim to bring our clients the most benefits with our professional and high quality service which can coordinate with the large network of global supply chains.

In order to coordinate with the company’s development in logistic and administration, we established a subordinate organization focusing on the service of founding and developing different professions. We established Flyway Transport Limited to reinforce our warehouse management and freight business development in year 2001. We also established Fly King Logistics Company Limited in year 2005 to extend our freight industry network between China and Hong Kong. In year 2010, we established United Power Transportation Limited and Unique Linkage Logistics Limited respectively, for opening up the development of logistics human resources management.

As a business partner, we have kept decent relationships with various international brands, freight forwarding agents and shipping business for the past years. It allows us to provide diversified professional services which are efficient and quality to our clients, as well as handling the ever-changing logistics industry and global supply chain network. Our ultimate goal is to grow and develop with our clients. Fly King Transportation Co. Limited has always fulfilled our service pledge. Even when it is the delivery peak period and under a complicated market environment, we always aim to provide visionary and cost-effective solutions to our clients, in order to assist them to raise operational efficiency and enhance their competitiveness.

Our team has quality and plentiful administrative experience, including professionally skilled frontline staffs and a strong supporting service centre.

In addition, we provide training to our workers to increase their skillsets and knowledge, hence enhancing the quality of our service.

Company Motto

Fly King Transportation Co. Limited has over twenty years of experience in logistics, keeping abreast of the latest kinds of available services. We aim to reassure our clients by our professional, secured, efficient and promising one-stop service.

We uphold the principle of ‘striving for excellence’. By acquiring information from different aspects with an open-minded attitude, we gain insights into the future market trend of the logistics supply chains and provide commendable services which match the market demands. Through our highly-efficient administration framework and our service pledge, we provide higher quality services while collaborating with our clients, and raise the long-term market value, as well leading the market development.

Transportation Fleet

Our company’s transporting team is the best among Hong Kong’s freight transports. The current number of vehicles exceeds 100. Vehicle types include Van, 5.5 tons, 11 tons, 16 tons, 24 tons, tractor, scooter, dangerous good vehicles which all are EU IV and V. The average lifespan is less than 4 years.

Car equipment include Live CCTV (immediate live inspection), GPS, anti-theft system, four pumps tail plate (allowing loading and unloading on different road surfaces), dump box LED illuminating.

Recognition and Merits

2015 Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies

Transported Asset Protection Association