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In order to enable us to handle the caption matter, it is necessary for us to request you to supply your Hong Kong Identity Card (or a copy of it) or Hong Kong Identity Card number and/or other personal data.

为着令本公司能处理题述事宜,本公司有需要要求 阁下提供 阁下的香港身份证(或其副本)或香港身份证号码及/或其他个人资料。


Your failure in supplying your Hong Kong Identity Card or Hong Kong Identity Card number or any other personal data as requested by us may prevent us from handling the captioned matter or from providing any services in relation to the captioned matter.

如 阁下未能按本公司要求提供所需的香港身份证或香港身份证号码或任何其他个人资料,可能导致本公司无法处理题述事宜或无法提供任何有关题述事宜的服务。


It is important that you inform us immediately of any inaccuracies in any personal data supplied by you to us.





The personal data (including the Hong Kong Identity Card details), provided or to be provided by you to us may be used, held and/or stored (by whatever means) for the following purposes:-



the personal data collected during the recruitment process will be used by Fly King Transportation Co., Ltd. of Companies to assess your suitability to assume the job duties of the position for which you have applied and to determine preliminary remuneration and benefits package to be discussed with you subject to selection for the position.



student and Alumni Records, which include personal details, academic records, qualifications, etc. of every person who is currently enrolled in or has previously studied in a program operated by our company;



other records, which include administration and operational files, personal data provided to our company from individuals for study and job applications, promotional and training activities organised by our company, and enquiries from the public, etc.

其他纪录 – 视乎该等纪录的性质作各种不同用途,包括处理入学及职位申请、推广及培训活动、处理公众查询和收集个人资料指明用途。


inserting in document(s) that is/are intended to establish or to evidence any legal or equitable right or interest or any legal liability arising from the transaction contemplated in the captioned matter;



making disclosure under the requirements of any applicable law;



authenticating the identity of the data subject in order to prevent or detect any fraud or dishonesty and/or to process the transaction(s) and/or thing(s) contemplated in the captioned matter;



conducting or assisting to conduct signature verifications, any other verification or exchange of information;



enabling compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in Hong Kong and elsewhere;



any other purposes incidental or associated to the above and/or to enable us to discharge our obligations in the conduct of the captioned matter.



Transfer of Personal Data向他人提供有关之个人资料


The personal data (including Hong Kong Identity Card details) held by us relating to you will be kept confidential but we may, to the extent necessary for achieving any or all of the above purposes, make such enquires as we consider necessary to conCompany the accuracy of the personal data and, in particular, our Company may disclose, obtain, transfer the personal data of you to, from or with any of the following persons and entities:

本公司会将有关 阁下的个人资料(包括香港身份证资料)保密,但本公司可能会作出必要之查询以确定个人资料之准确性,以便数据可用作上述任何或全部用途;尤其可能会向或从下列任何人士或机构披露、获取或提供阁下之个人资料:



any agents, contractors or third party service providers who offer services to us in connection with the captioned matter;



the Courts, Tribunals, Land Registry, Companies Registry and other regulatory or governmental body in Hong Kong or elsewhere;



any persons or institutions to whom we are under an obligation to make disclosure under any applicable law;



any persons or institutions with which we have or propose to have dealings in relation to the captioned matter;



any other persons or institutions who owes a duty of confidentiality to our Company.



Access and Correction of Personal Data查阅及更正个人资料

You have the right under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance:

根据个人资料(私隠)条例, 阁下有权:



to check whether we hold records of your personal data;

查阅本公司是否持有 阁下的个人资料;


to obtain a copy of that data;



to correct any data which is inaccurate.



Request for access to data or correction data could be made in writing to the handling solicitor of this file at Suite 1302, 13/F, Tower One, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong

有关查阅或更正个人资料的要求,可致函香港赤鱲角骏运路 2 号机场空运中心 6 楼601 – 603 室联络题述档案之负责人士。